Odin is designed to be used by every single member of your team. That is why we do not charge per user, we charge by the size of the projects you are working on.

We believe this aligns our pricing with the best of what Odin has to offer. All features included, for all team members at a flat fee tiered by project size.


100% Free. All the features none of the cost.

Cost: $0

Up to 50 Total Tasks or 5 Open Projects

Suitable for free evaluations and smaller trade businesses.


Best effort, usual response time is 3-4 days.

You can close a project without deleting it to stay in the free tier.


A small overhead for complete project control and oversight.

Cost: $50 per week

Up to 250 Tasks or 10 Open Projects

Suitable for a small growing trade business.


Best effort, usual response time is 2-3 days.

If you are a larger business, this tier is also suitable for evaluation of the larger product.

Site Manager

Precise work capacity and delivery - at a low flat fee.

Cost: $500 per week

Up to 2500 Tasks or 25 Open Projects

Tier 3 organizations with many concurrent contracts.


Same day, usual response time is within 20 minutes.

Get complete control. Centralize your file uploads, invoicing, accounting, project planning and project updates in one business hub.

Enterprise Agreements

Unlike other construction management solutions we focused on enterprise scale first, and only later expanded our focus to smaller projects.

Contact us for information on custom enterprise pricing agreements or select higher level plans within the Odin application after Sign Up.

Live Support. With dedicated representatives focused only on your organization.

On Site Training and Consultation Packages.

Dedicated servers, databases and infrastructure.

Premium Security Features.

Custom Integrations with your in house solutions.