Harth Systems

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Project Orchestration and Automation

  • Invoicing and Timesheets
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Material Procurement
  • Resource Allocation
  • Tool Management
  • Live Site Updates
  • File Uploads
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Project management and beyond

Live updates from the field feed into an automated scheduling system perfected by experienced construction engineers.

Odin has modules that track every aspect of the construction pipeline. We give you free access to every module for 1 year.

Odin is built for every tier and discipline of your organization. It works on every device and adjusts to business context.

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Integrated Forecasting

  • ✔ Granular permission controls
  • ✔ Instant Excel import / export
  • ✔ Invoicing and timesheets
  • ✔ Contracts and revenue
  • ✔ Automated scheduling
  • ✔ Project management
  • ✔ Tool management
  • ✔ Material tracking
  • ✔ Site updates

Scheduling and forecasting is deeply integrated with every other module which means you and your team can see the future together.


Unlimited Schedules, Projects, Users

$200,000 AUD pa.

🎉 We also offer special arrangements for small businesses and evaluation periods.

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Harth Systems


Harth Systems integrates cross discipline teams in realtime.

Who we are:

We enable rapid iteration through automation, live data and intuitive interfaces.


Founded by trusted veterans of the Australian Nation Broadband Network project.

James Forbes

James Forbes is a well known innovator in the comms sector. He was awarded the grand prize for an innovative pitch at the Bright Ideas Conference by NBN director Mike Quigley.

James was instrumental in the development of business critical, nationally used, intelligent systems.

As part of the NBN project he implemented and deployed the mandrel calculator, bill of quantities aggregation, field inspection reports and street surface inspection agent.

James ran his own software consultancy business and continues to sustain national and international clients. He's built fast distributed systems and the intuitive user interfaces that rely on them.

James also has experience in the finance sector, launching an asset management system at Spitfire

James brings deep technical knowledge, business strategy and execution to the Harth Systems ensemble.

Emmanuel Assargiotis

Emmanuel Assargiotis is a celebrated, experienced Engineer and project manager. He has overseen, scheduled and automated projects at every scale.

Emmanuel has worked in every position. From the pit to the boardroom. He has a refined undestanding of the micro and macroscopic needs of the sector.

Emmanuel makes the impossible, possible. He designed and implemented Odin's automated scheduling engine by embedding his experience and undestanding into source code.

We are passionate about intelligent systems enabling resilience and efficiency.