Creating a Schedule

A schedule is how Odin encases a group of projects. You can select schedules you've created from the top banner as they appear under your Organization's name

Odin can automatically forecast work, auto-select resources and set them in queues that your workers have access to. Auto-scheduling removes a lot of management and overhead. But of course Odin can also accept manual commands at any time.

We recommend using Odin to automatically schedule work. Even when automated, Odin allows you to override and force placements. Even with manual placements Odin will schedule the remaining non-specified work automatically. This gives you the best of both worlds: power of instruction and the precision of a machine.

Odin's automatic schedules produce queues of work and dictate who needs to complete which specific piece of work and when.

These queues will then absorb an abundance of information (completed quantities, documents, photos, variations, timesheets, work productivity statistics) and after these are absorbed Odin will re-schedule the remaining works creating another queue of information to be built upon again.

The process is repeated until your projects are completed. Odin ensures you have a complete, indexed and trackable history of all project works.

Schedule Directives

During the auto-scheduling process Odin adheres to the chosen directive of a Schedule, this is automatically set to Cost when a Schedule is created by default.

The directive is a continuous guideline for the scheduling engine to follow while automating future work placements.

There are 4 built in directives (Time, Cost, Quality and Business)

  1. Time directive will attempt to finish projects quickly using the most time efficient resources first and combining them into effective teams.

  2. Cost directive will attempt to finish projects so you gain the most profit from paid expenditures.

  3. Quality directive will attempt to finish projects cleanly, using your best resources on your most important resources.

  4. Business directive will attempt to finish projects while evenly distributing work so all participants and resources are being productive.

Odin will also analyse the cause of delays in the schedule for reference at a later time in the complexity of all cascading projects. This will allow you to draw on conclusions about why a project failed and if it was from cascading detriments in projects, resources or business operations that need improvement.

The new schedule will create a Schedule Version which will contain all past updates and the future set of works.

To create a Schedule, navigate to /schedules and click the Create button.

You'll need to fill in a few details before clicking save.

  1. Schedule Name - used as a reference throughout Odin
  2. Schedule Directive - used to automatically preference resource choices in project delivery. This preference will drive Odin to statistically analyse resources and make work allocations to produce the maximum type of profit for your business


Anyone with the Schedule Management Permission