Creating an Organization Discipline

An Organization Discipline is a type of work. These can be as detailed or granular and should reference the way. They are used to group tasks and can be assigned in cascading depencies for automatic scheduling. As an exmaple, lets assume I was working on a project where the objective was making a triple shot capuccino. Grounding the beans would be a discipline. Similiarly, pouring the milk would be another. Where I have two types of beans and each takes a different time to grind, it would be ideal to recognise the cost difference in time, material and revenue by creating an Organization Discipline for each type of bean and specfying which type is used on each inidividual tasks.

To create an Organization Discipline, navigate to /Flows and click the Create button above the Organization Discipline's table.

You'll need to fill in the below details before clicking save

  1. Name - used as a reference throughout Odin
  2. Desctiption - used to describe and differentiate this from other Organization Disciplines
  3. Nominal Rate - used to estimate project delivery time frames and autofill work rates for teams during their creation. This nominal rate should be a per day representation of a standard team
  4. Finally click Save

Optional filling

  1. Unit of Measure - used as a refernce to time and financial data for the measurement of different types of work